exclusive & luxury yacht charters
exclusive & luxury yacht charters Mobile Phone & WhatsApp: +39 334 10 10 203 (Natalie)
Mobile Phone & WhatsApp: +39 334 10 10 203 (Natalie)
exclusive & luxury yacht charters
exclusive & luxury yacht charters Mobile Phone & WhatsApp: +39 334 10 10 203 (Natalie)
exclusive & luxury yacht charters Mobile Phone & WhatsApp: +39 334 10 10 203 (Natalie)
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The Boats and the Tourist Itineraries

Renting a boat on the Isle of Capri or on the Amalfi Coast is an adventure that contains multiple experiences as you can stay an entire day on an exclusive private yacht and in the meantime, live all the excitement of a sea excursion in the most beautiful places of Campania. With our promotions there is no competition that can hold a candle to Amalfi Sails, that joins the quality of well-being with the convenience of our prices! Simply look at our photos to awaken your appetite for summer, sun and sea. In this section, we give you the best pictures of our excursions, our enthusiastic customers, the minicruises, the events organized on boats and coastal views mastering any scenario. Our staff works throughout the year and through our contacts area, you can request the most useful and comprehensive information.
Ischia boat excursions with guide
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Pershing 72
A model among the most beautiful luxury yachts. With modern furniture, super-equipped cabins and large cockpit/saloon area.
Procida boat excursions with skipper
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Princess V65
When luxury becomes an absolute must. The ideal yacht for those who prefer comfort, charm and space.
Praiano organized tours
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Riva 63 Ego
The real leader of the sea. A boat that knows no limits of elegance, a welcoming yacht which is rich in spectacular detail.
Capri low cost sailing holidays
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Azimut 62S
This boat is an example of the most advanced technologies in the yachting industry. Hard-top sliding and sea platform to enjoy and relax.
Amalfi tourist routes
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Princess V50
A model with super-equipped cockpit. Interior with wood finishes, stylish leather sofas and a comfortable living space.
Positano romantic weekend boat trips
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Gagliotta 48
A yacht of exquisite properties, for a memorable crossing. The boat offers great outdoor spaces and a range of luxury amenities.
Amalfi Coast water taxi
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Santorini 48
An open motor-yacht with hardtop and three separate cabins. A "walk around boat" with very spacious areas and large stern deck.
Naples motor yacht charters
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XL Marine 43
A model which guarantees fabulous performance at sea. An aggressive and impressive style with a mighty fiberglass hull.
Sorrento charter boat rental
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Gagliotta 37
A model elegant but discreet layout, designed with premium materials and innovative technologies for the welfare board.
Ischia private motor yachts
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Pershing 37 Cabin
A model that will make you experience the thrill of high speed at sea. Double outdoor cushions and bar service on board.
Procida yacht charter private
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Tornado 38
A classic boat with a quiet but powerful engine. Great layout of indoor environments with dinette.
Praiano motor boats
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Prestige 36
A luxury and elegant yacht with a well structured layout. Modern design, interior fine wood and leather furniture.
Capri boat excursions
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Itama 38
Overview of the boat. Inside capacity, engine characteristics and photo gallery of the Itama 38.
Capri boat excursions
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Cranchi 34
A rich model with detail which is spacious and comfortable. A jewel of global design, with comfortable seats and double sundeck.
Amalfi sightseeing boat tours
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Cranchi 32
An established model, famous for its sinuous and sharp lines. A fast engine that offers fantastic performance on the water.
Positano cruise tours
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Small Motorboats
Small motor boats for hire with or without a captain. Excellent performance with an engine that can reach 40 knots.
Amalfi Coast cruise with sightseeing
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Helia 44
An exclusive and elegant sailing yacht that guarantees a great lifestyle on board.
Naples cruises
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Dufour 525
A spacious sailing yacht for an unforgettable vacation. Large sunbathing areas and interior spaces.
The online catalogue enables you to view the internal and external images of the boats, and each model is accompanied by a data sheet with descriptions. Each boat has specific qualities and is partucularly suited for the different types of activities we offer. Our private services are available throughout the year and if you have already decided date of your trip, take a look at our page dedicated to special offers and book a holiday in Capri and the Amalfi Coast.
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