exclusive & luxury yacht charters
exclusive & luxury yacht charters Mobile Phone & WhatsApp: +39 334 10 10 203 (Natalie)
Mobile Phone & WhatsApp: +39 334 10 10 203 (Natalie)
exclusive & luxury yacht charters
exclusive & luxury yacht charters Mobile Phone & WhatsApp: +39 334 10 10 203 (Natalie)
exclusive & luxury yacht charters Mobile Phone & WhatsApp: +39 334 10 10 203 (Natalie)
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Mini Cruises at Sunset

Romantic Weekends on the Sea

Cruises are those type of excursions that require a full day (or multiple days) to visit all the stages of its route. Usually, to create a more convenient and comfortable package, you opt for a cruise that lasts an entire weekend. The Amalfi Coast, for example, can offer a variety of tours based on the path you want to follow but if you wish to visit intensely all the coastal villages, a cruise with Amalfi Sails is ideal! If you are a newly married couple on honeymoon or if you are vacationing with friends, you can book one of our fantastic private yachts that can accommodate up to 10 passengers. In addition, with more than 24 hours on board you will have the chance to witness the magnificent sunsets over the sea.
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Enjoy a romantic sunset cruise on a luxury yacht. While you will be greeted by a delicious Italian dinner by candlelight, you can watch the sun setting on the Amalfi Coast with live musicians who with guitar and mandolin, will perform the best songs of our tradition! The sunset cruises with Amalfi Sails will be a great way to make your experience in Italy even more unique.
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Sailing Towards the Sunset

Amalfi Sails offers pleasant excursions at sunset to the island of Capri and along the Mediterranean Sea, but one of the most popular is the natural route of the Amalfi Coast. To kick off this new adventure, full of history and nature, our crew will pick you up from any town along the Amalfi Coast:

  • It begins with the famous medieval town of Amalfi in which the coast bears it's name.
  • The second stop is Conca dei Marini where we will see the Lover’s Natural Arc (true to the Italian lifestyle, it holds a legend of deep romance) and Sophia Loren’s villa hanging over a cliff high above.
  • Next, you will reach the Fjord of Furore, a turquoise lagoon tucked away in an inlet between cliffs and the sea.
  • Next is Praiano, the fishing still virtually untouched throughout the centuries.
  • Then there is Positano, where the colourful villas and vegetation climb up the rock. The view of Positano from the Sea is truly magnificent! And it is from the sea that you will get to admire the most famous luxury hotel of the town: Sirenuse, San Pietro, Tre Ville and Buca di Bacco.
  • Finally, sitting off the coast of Positano, you can see the private archipelago islands of Li Galli (It was through these islands that the myth of Ulysses and the song of the Sirens was born).
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Once you reach the Li Galli islands, you can see the intense red Italian sun setting behind the island of Capri. From here we will leisurley head back toward the coast and while we cruise back to the departure pier, you will have the opportunity to stop and take a dip in the warm coastal waters. Aside from the breathtaking sunset and the coastal landscape, the real beauty of this excursion is that you can travel in relaxed style and plan out exactly what you would like to do.
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